Lack Of Responsibility








Obligations and commitments mean nothing to psychopaths. Their good intentions–“I’ll never cheat on you again” –are promises written in the wind. The irresponsibility and unreliability of psychopaths extend to every part of their lives. Their performance on the job is erratic, with frequent absences, misuse of company resources, violations of company policy, and general untrustworthiness. They do not honor formal or implied commitments to people, organizations or principles.

An indifference to the welfare of children–their own as well as those of their partner’s–is a common theme in Robert Hare’s files on psychopath’s. Psychopaths see children as an inconvenience. Typically, they leave children on their own for extended periods or in the care of unreliable sitters.

Psychopaths do not hesitate to use the resources of family and friends to bail them out of difficulty. They are frequently successful in talking their way out of trouble– “I’ve learned my lesson”; “You have my word that it won’t happen again”; It was simply a big misunderstanding’; “Trust me.” They are almost as successful in convincing the criminal justice system of their good intentions and their trustworthiness. Although they frequently manage to obtain probation, a suspended sentence, or early release from prison, they simply ignore the conditions imposed by the courts. That is, even when directly under the yoke of the criminal justice system, they do not meet their obligations.–Robert Hare, PHD, Without Conscience

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