The Masks We Wear.

 Did you know that 1 in 25 people is a sociopath?

Your Neighbor.  Your Boss.  Your Dentist.  Your Child’s Teacher.

Meet Constance Jacobson, the sociopath next door, in my 3 X award winning, suspense/psychological thriller: 

THE BEAUTIFUL EVIL    <–Click for more info.

    Here you’ll learn:

    How to identify sociopathic behavior.

    How profilers develop theories.

    What does it take to work as a CSI?

    How to set up a crime scene.

    Requirements needed to be an FBI agent.

    How FBI agents become members of the Behavior Analysis Unit?

    How the minds of the sociopaths, psychopaths and the serial killers work.


And much, much more.

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 Your Therapist.  Your Lover. Your Colleague. Your Governor.  Your Pastor. Your Friend. 

Thank you for visiting. This site provides ongoing insights into criminal behavior. I am currently researching the criminal mind and profiling for the novels I write.

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